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  Q.Method of payment?


  1. Payment by Fax Authorization Form in word document sent to you via e-mail
  2. Payment by Payment Gateway (online): Verify by Visa / MasterCard Security Code / AMEX Payment Gateway
  3. Signing of authorization form, KBANK Payment Gateway and AMEX
    Visa - Surcharge 3.5%
    Master Card - Surcharge 3.5%
    Amex - Surcharge 3.5% (not applicable for KBANK Payment Gateway)
    Remark: For payment online: We are pleased to inform that Kbank Gateway & AMEX (online), we accept the VERIFIED BY VISA CARD, MASTER CARD SECURED CODE and AMEX ONLY. If your credit card is Non- Verified by VISA Card, Non-Master Card Secured Code, please kindly use the authorization form for payment instead (We accept both of fax & Scanned form as PDF or JPG by return).

BY CASH: Booking of ticket(s) cannot be made in advance. Purchase of any ticket(s) must be made on the same day of payment.
                  (see Contact us page for our office location)

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