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  Q. What is differences between class 1 and 2?
  • First Class

    First-class cars provide private cabins for singles or couples. Each private cabin has individually controlled air-con, a wash basin and mirror,  a small table and long bench seat that converts into a bed. Drinking water and towels are provided free of charge. First-class cars are available only on express and special express trains.

    Type of Car :

    Air Conditioned First Class Day and Night Coach

    Abbreviation :


    Number of rooms :

    12 Rooms/2 persons each

    Number of Sleeping Berths :

    12 upper , 12 lower


    First Class Sleeping Car External

                             First Class Sleeping Car Internal

  • Second Class

  • In a 2nd-class car, seating arrangements are similar to those on a bus with pairs of padded seats all facing towards to front of the train. usually the seats can be adjusted to a reclining angle. In the a 2nd-class sleeper, you will find two rows of facing seat pairs; each pair is separated from the next

    by a dividing wall. A table folds down between each pair and at night seats
    convert into two fold-down berths, one over the other. Curtains provide some privacy and fresh linen are provided. A toilet is located at one end of the car and wash basins at the other. Second-class cars are found only on rapid and express trains; some routes offer air-con 2nd class as well as ordinary 2nd class.

    Type of Car :

    Air or Fan Conditioned Second Class Day and Night Coach

    Number of rooms :

    No private room


    Number of Sleeping Berths :

    36 or 40 seats (20 upper and 20 lower) per compartment


    Air-Con Second class train at day , open plan  
    with bays of seats either side of the aisle
    Air-Con Second class train at night ,  
    Upper Berth & Lower Berth, each with curtains.
    Non and Air-Con Second Class seating.  
    (There are a hostess serves complimentary refreshments for air-con special express train only)
  • Restaurant

    Restaurant ,  Air-Con Restaurant car on the train