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Top Destination in Thailand (From TAT)

>> Bangkok
>> Hua Hin
>> Phuket
>> Chiang Mai
>> Samui
All of destinations can travel by Train.

  Loy Krathong Festival November 2013  

Loy Krathong (Floating Lantern) and Yi Peng (Sky Lantern) Festival in Chiang Mai

Date: 16-18 Nov 2013
Venue: Tha Phae Gate, Night Bazaar Area, Chiang Mai

Yi Peng Festival (16 NOV) is one of the Thais festival that you need to catch up. It is a festival of light that coincides with Loy Krathong in Thailand. Yi Peng Festival is only celebrated in northern part of Thailand. The main attraction of this event is the multitude of Lanna-style sky lanterns (over thousand of lighted lanterns) that are released in the air while making a good luck wish. The sky transforms itself in a wonderful and surreal sea of little lanterns floating away. The Scene is absolutely fascinating.


Bangkok – Delightful Color of Stream Loy Krathong festival

Date: 15-17 NOV 2013
Venue: Chao Phraya River From RamaVIII Bridge to Memorial Bridge

During Loy Krathong Festival night, in the heart of Bangkok city becomes a wonderful place full of lights. Thousand of Bangkokians come to celebrate this traditional ritual along Chao Phraya river. You can experience the sensation of sight and sound while you see hundred of thousand of Krathong that is lid and float on the Chao Phraya river while in some area will have live band and firework along the river, if you happen to catch all this sensation at the right spot. Beside that, The City will animate the day with amazing parade of boats, traditional Thai dancing, the demonstration of how to make krathong, and firework shows.





Date: 17 NOV 2013
Venue: Bangsai Arts and Crafts Centre, Ayutthaya

Bangsai Arts and Craft Centre relieve the glorious past of Ayutthaya on Loy Krathong Festival night. You will relax and experience the old market atmosphere, the old thai folk song, floating night market, contemporary performances state, Krathong contest and Firework show. So, If you want to catch the sensational and drastically beautiful scene. Loy Krathong night in Ayutthaya is an amazing sensation that you will need to be added on a list of must see.

  Loy Krathong Krab Klauy Mae Klong, Samut Songkhram

Date: 17 NOV 2013
Venue: King Rama II Memorial Park

Mae Klong is well-known for a peaceful lifestyle, you will see Loy Krathong Festival here is simpler than other destinations in Thailand. Local people here use Banana leaf (traditional style) sheaths instead of flowery decorate raft for making krathong. It’s a cultural heritage that has been passed for generations. Apart from Loy Krathong activity, you can enjoy with Thai folk song, tradition Thai dancing, local cultural performances and other entertainments too.



Tak Bat Devo Festival , Udon Thaini on October 2013

The traditional of "Tak Bat Devo" was derived from the word "Devorohana" which means the return of Lord Buddha from Heaven to Earth. At the end of the Rains Retreat (Ok Phansa Day) which falls on the first day of the wanning moon of the eleventh lunar month, Lord Buddha returned to earth and was greeted by a crowd and Buddhist believers who were waiting to offer him food. Uthai Thani Buddhist believers proudly organize the "Tak Bat Devo" Festival as annual tradition at Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri at the top of Sakaekrang mountain. It attracts the large number of believers from all over the country to participate.




Naga Fireball Festival , Nong Khai on October 2013

Bang Fai Phaya Nak, “Naga Fireballs,” is held in the northeastern province of Nong Khai which a great number of fireballs are usually seen in Phon Phisai district. This phenomenon takes place once a year at the end of the three-month Buddhist Lent, in October. The highlight of the festival is on Ok Phansa Day. At night, fireballs of various sizes burst from the bottom of the Mekong River, sprint above the water surface, and then move skyward before disappearing. The Naga Fireball Festival also include a bazaar, a food fair, a contest of floating and illuminated boats in worship of the Naga, long-boat races, and light and sound presentation.


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